Stuffy Animal

All possible stuffies.

A Stuffy Animal is one of four types of statuette-sized items that were distributed to all characters older than thirty days who logged on during the holiday season of St. Valentine's Day 2008. In addition to being decorative items, they restore some stamina in certain circumstances.

Draconi posted a quick guide to enjoying the snuggly power of your Stuffy Animal:

  • Take your stuffy home
  • Note your current fatigue - are you tired, exhausted? Do you need some furry friendship?
  • Double-click your stuffy
  • You'll receive a message stating you feel snuggled!
  • Your fatigue will be refreshed at a certain percentage (this is based off the type of stuffy, and the rarity of the hue)
  • Five minute cooldown before you can reuse it.

Stuffy dwagon.jpg


In 2D, stuffies use the same grapics as certain Veteran Reward statuettes.

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