1. Attach your article to one (or more) Shard categories (e.g., Atlantic, Chesapeake, Great Lakes).
  2. Optionally attach your article to a sub-category within that Shard (e.g., Atlantic|Guild, Chesapeake|Auction House, Sonoma|Character).
  • Note that after adding a sub-category, go to the sub-category page you entered and look at the description and it's category at the bottom. The description should have the text [[Category:name of the shard]], e.g., [[Category:Chesapeake]]. If it doesn't, then manually add it; if you don't, the sub-category won't show up in the Shard category list.

PREVIEW your article before saving! ... the Shard category (and sub-category if entered) will show up at the bottom of your preview. This template also checks if you entered a valid shard name. If not valid, your category at the bottom will show up in the Category Shard template name not recognized.


Typically place this template on the first line of your article.



  • shardname (required) is the name of the shard.
  • sub=sub-category (optional) is a sub-category in the shard community on this wiki.
  • ShardLine=ON (optional, OFF by default) adds the one-line of text at top of page showing what shard this article relates to.


Usage Syntax Examples
One shard {{Shard|shardname}} {{Shard|Pacific}}
More than one shard (if article pertains to multiple shards) {{Shard|shardname1}}{{Shard|shardname2}} ... {{Shard|shardnameN}} {{Shard|Atlantic}}{{Shard|Europa}}{{Shard|Sonoma}}
One shard and a sub-category {{Shard|shardname|sub=sub-category}} {{Shard|Pacific|sub=Guild}}
Many variations {{Shard|Pacific|sub=Guild}}{{Shard|Pacific|sub=Auction House}}{{Shard|Sonoma|sub=Auction House}}

Usage without sub-category

(copy one or more of the following as the first line of your article)

{{Shard|Great Lakes}}
{{Shard|Lake Austin}}
{{Shard|Lake Superior}}
{{Shard|Napa Valley}}
{{Shard|Siege Perilous}}
{{Shard|ALL}} - use this only if an article partains to ALL shards, such as a UO All-Shards event or quest.
  • Note: If the Shard name is not recognized or spelled properly, the default category is Shard template name not recognized.

Some typical shard community sub-categories

You can add and use more sub-categories if you like, but try to stay consistent between shards if possible.

Auction House
Book Library
Community Center
News Service
Player Town
Regular Event
Rune Library
Unique Location

If an article needs more information (and you may be pleaing to the community to help), then add the sub-category:

Article needs information

To understand the internal coding for this template, see also: