The Candle of Love

This is the quest offered after completing the Purifying Light quest.

This is an article specifically about a quest. See Candle of Love for information on the Candle as it relates to the moral mythology of Ultima Online.


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Go to the Winery in the building south of the Empath Abby. In the back room near the center there will be "a loose floorboard". Double-click the loose floorboard while holding the Purified Candle to enter the Candle of Love Cavern. Make your way to the back where the lava maze is.

Keep your Purified Candle equipped or else you won't be able to step on the last tile. You must wait at the northwest corner until you can start. When the clear tiles appear step on them. There are many dead ends in this maze and it can take several tries. It is best to do the maze dismounted and with Always Run off.

The maze pattern is different for each shard. Leaving a trail of items behind you will help complete the maze. If you need some directions for each radar direction when multiple paths open:

  • Atlantic: S-E-E-E-S-W-S-S-S-S-E-N-S (this does not start at the very first tile where it splits in 2 and comes back on itself)
  • Europa: If you start at the far north side: up 1, right 1, up 1, right 6, up 4, right 2, down 2, right 6, up 4, left 2, up 2, left 8, up 2, left 3, up 2, right 3, up 4, then right to the end.


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Only one last task remains for you to help oppose Astaroth's growing power. Take the purified candle I just gave you, enter the Candle of Love Cavern below us, and touch your flame to the Candle of Love.

This isn't quite as simple as it sounds, as you'll need to do two things. First, remember to hold the purified candle in your hand to cross the area of darkness. Once you've done that, you will encounter a puzzle to solve that helps to protect the Candle of Love. Solve this puzzle, and touch your flame to the candle quickly, as youo won't have much time once you've cross the lava.

Before you go, I wish to thank you for all that you have done. Hurry now, for Astaroth will not wait.


As you touch your Purified Candle to the Candle of Love, you feel Astaroth's hold on this cavern diminish slightly. You've done your part to uphold the Principle of Love, now it up to your fellow Britannians to do theirs.

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