The Pride of the Ambush

"The Pride of the Ambush" is a quest offered by Ogger The Kurak High Chief at the Kurak Encampment in the Valley of Eodon. It is part of the Quest Chain Uniting the Tribes.

Quest Description

*The Kurak High chief looks at you apprehensively, as the greeting Professor Rafkin's book taught you rolls from your tongue The Chieftess smiles and warms to you*

Rafkin say you can help Kurak. Kurak do not trust you. You want Kurak trust, then you free cubs from trappers. You free cubs from trappers, then Kurak trust you. *The chieftess motions you south to the lowlands

Quest Objective

A Tiger Cub in an enclosure.
Rescue 5 tiger cubs from the trapper enclosures.

Quest Lore

South of the village, across the bridge are several trapper enclosures each with a Tiger Cub kept within. You must open the cage door to release the cub. Each cage door has a puzzle-lock which must be solved.


If you guess wrong, various consequences ensue...

  • Several Trapper villains (they appear as Red) will appear to slay you. These Trappers have a life span of 9 minutes once spawned. They will only spawn on your first failure of the puzzle.
  • You will experience poisoned darts tainted with Deadly Poison after the first failure.
Text when a Tiger cub is rescued.

Once you solve the puzzle, the Tiger Cub will wander on its own back to the Kurak village. You must protect it until it is safely at the village.

This quest is repeatable.

Watch Out For

  • Randomly spawning Myrmidex
  • Trappers (lifespan 3 minutes), as they try to recapture or kill the Tiger Cub
  • Rumor of Wild Tiger attacking the Tiger Cub is unfounded as they are more likely to attack the player(s) than anything else.


  • Have lots of Cure Poison or Bandaids handy.

Quest Reward