Ultima Online: The Second Age

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Ultima Online: The Second Age
Ultima Online: The Second Age box art
Release date: October 24, 1998
Developer: Origin Systems
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Website: www.owo.com/t2a/introduction.html
Thousands of Players • A Persistent World • Endless Possibilities • The Second Age
The Best-Selling Role-playing series of all time has revolutionized online gaming again with Ultima Online: The Second Age. Interact with thousands of players simultaneously in this breakthrough Internet fantasy world. Get online and immerse yourself in the adventure of a lifetime...

Ultima Online: The Second Age, also known as T2A, is Ultima Online's first expansion. On Friday, October 23, 1998, the following message was posted on the official Update Center:

Today marks the end of The Second Age public beta and we have a special event planned for the closing day. We appreciate all the hard work our beta testers have put in over the last few weeks. Please come to the shard tonight and enjoy the final hours of the public beta.

We will be shipping The Second Age upgrade today. For those people who purchased The Second Age upgrade and selected Next Day as their shipping option (at a slightly higher cost), their copies should begin arriving on Monday. *Next Day shipping means the next business day, therefor copies sent on Friday will arrive on Monday. From today till Monday the 26th, the EA Store will be unable to answer phone calls regarding previously placed orders, as they are moving to a new location. However, the order line will remain open, and anyone interested in purchasing the upgrade during these dates will still be able to place those orders.

The Second Age lands will be live on the normal shards on the morning of Saturday, the 24th. This opening of the new lands should not affect any normal playtime, or players. We certainly hope you enjoy the new features and the new lands and we look forward to hearing your comments. Thank you for helping make The Second Age a success.

Expansion additions

  • Added the Lost Lands facet.
  • Expanded Chat features.
  • The Big Window.
  • On-the-fly language translation provided by SYSTRANS.
  • Interactive Tutorial.
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System requirements

  • Windows 95
  • 32MB RAM
  • 2MB PCI video card (Direct X supported, set to 16 bit color)
  • 16 bit sound card (Direct X supported)
  • ~ 600 MB of hard drive space
  • 8x CD-ROM drive
  • Microsoft compatible mouse
  • Internet Connection: Slip/PPP or direct connect at 28.8K bps or better with 32 bit TCP/IP Stack
  • DirectX 5.0 or higher (The Second Age will install this for you)