Thieves Guild

Joining the NPC Thieves Guild will allow you to use disguise kits and steal from other characters in Felucca. If you do not join the NPC Thieves Guild you will only be able to steal from NPCs out side of town and all monsters.

How To Join the NPC Thieves Guild

Go to any NPC Thieves Guild Master and say the Guild Masters Name + Join (i.e. Elliot join). They will tell how you much. Simply drag the amount onto the NPC and enjoy your new guild benefits.

Disguise Kit

Being a member of the Thieves Guild allows a character to buy and use a Disguise Kit. It may be purchased from the NPC Thief Guild Master for 700 gold. Saying disguise near the Thief Guild Master will have them indicate the purchase price. The payment must then be dragged onto them to purchase the kit.


  • If you log out while in disguise you will notice when you get to the log in screen you will see the last name of your disguised character in place of your character. This also creates a folder for that character in you uodesktop without macros.