Trapped box

Trapped boxes are a wonderful way to removing paralysis without having to have high Resisting Spells or some other means.


  • House
  • Exceptional Small Crate (not large)
  • Tinker at level 30
  • Tinker Talisman with +10 or more tinkering chance
  • Ingots
  • Crossbow bolts
  • Mage to cast Unlock spell on the box
  • Furniture Dye tub

Steps: Use your level 30 Tinker

  • Drop exceptional small crate on the floor of your house
  • Lock it down
  • turn it North-South using the interior deco tool
  • Un-lock it down - you cannot trap a locked down object
  • Tinker a dart trap, using ingots and crossbow bolts
  • at 30 skill there will be many fails, so use a tinkering talisman
  • lock it with its key (done with key now, toss it)

Use your Mage

  • cast magic unlock to unlock it
  • lock it back down
  • use deco tool to turn it back to east-west
  • release the box
  • test opening the box, it should set off the trap and cause about 10 hp damage
  • dye the box so it is recognizable as a working trapped box