UOGuide:Classic Custom House Design Contest

We are excited to run our first major contest this July. The theme is based around classic UO housing. The goal is to design and build the best adaptation of a classic UO home in a custom plot. Players can base their theme on any of the original or renaissance pre-built types. The winners will be selected based on being the most creative in enhancing the original design.

For a list of classic homes click here


Here is an extreme example of too many decorations
  • Deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM EST July 23
  • Each person can submit up to 2 entries (must be based on different classic houses)
  • House must be viewable on a production shard or test center
  • Submitted screenshots can not be manipulated in any way other than pasting together for a larger home
  • The house can have some decorations. Too many that detract from the design itself may be viewed unfavorably.
  • Winner will be announced in UOGuide July Newsletter (sent out last weekend of July)
  • Judges cannot take part in this contest
  • UOGuide reserves the right to modify/update/add contest rules in the event of unforeseen issues


Send an email to Jc contact.png with the following:

  • Your UO or online name (this will be published)
  • The name of the classic house your style is based on
  • The shard, facet and sextant coordinates of the house
  • A screenshot of each level of the house, including exterior/roof attached. To take the best screenshot view our guide.

The email you send in the entry with will be used to contact you. You will receive a confirmation reply that your submission was received. If your submission is not acceptable for some reason we will let you know. Your submission will be kept private until the entry period is over.


Contest judges are selected from members of the UO community. Each judge will vote for a 1st (5 points), 2nd (3 points) and 3rd place (2 point) design. The results will be tallied and the designs with the most points win.

  • AtlanticVlad - Stratics
  • Cogniac - UOGuide
  • JC the Builder - UOGuide
  • Kitiara - UOCraft
  • Lady Rachel - Stratics
  • Petra Fyde - Stratics
  • Queen Mum - UOForums
  • Sabbath - TheLostLands
  • Silverfoot - UOForums
  • Tanced RedStar - UOGuide

In addition, there will also be a public vote. The design with the most votes gets 10 points, second gets 5 points and third 4 points. The voting website will be linked at the top of this page when submissions end. The poll will run for approximately 2 days.

To be fair, submissions will be posted in the order received. So one received on July 5 will be listed above one from July 6.

In the unlikely event of a tie, all judges will be directed to vote for their choice of the tied entries. Each vote is worth 1 point.


Each winner can select one code as their prize.

First Place

  • 11th Year Collection Set
  • 7th Character Slot and Storage Increase Combo
  • 90 Day Gametime

Second Place

  • House Storage Space Increase
  • 7th Character Slot
  • Character Name Change
  • Character Gender Change
  • Character Transfer

Third Place

  • Woodworker's Bench
  • House Teleporter Tile Set
  • 3 Haochi’s Pigments
  • Pen of Wisdom


  • First Place: Entry 21 by Sarsmi
  • Second Place: Entry 12 by Mickou Rulhud
  • Third Place: Entry 4 by Lady Michelle


Here is an example house made by JC the Builder to show what an enhanced Sandstone Patio could look like.

First Floor
Second Floor


If you have any questions about the rules or other aspects of the contest, send in a message.