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UOGuide sends out a monthly newsletter packed full of UO, UOGuide and other related information. Subscribers will be the first to have access to contests and other content. By sure to signup today.

Get Involved

If you would like to participate in the creation or add content, please inquire on the discussion page. The newsletter is built throughout the month on UOGuide and sent out at the end. All are invited to take part in the process.

Name the Newsletter

The current name is "UOGuide Newsletter". Talk about plain and boring. Think you can come up with something better? Send in your idea! Submit as many ideas as you have. The staff will pick the best one for the July newsletter and every thereafter. The selected submission will be awarded 5 million gold on the shard of their choice.

Current name suggestions:

  • The Akalabeth Chronicles
  • The Britannia Bulletin
  • UOGuider
  • sosarian news network
  • The Britannia Cryer (or Journal)
  • The Sosarian Journal (or Cryer)
  • The Brittania Times
  • UOGuide Gazzette, UOGuide Insider, UOGuide Digest
  • The Powerscroll, The Ninth Virtue, Virtue Chronicles, Sosarian Observer, Britannia Times, UO Today


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