Nine Facts

  1. Nearly-original UO player from a week after launch (my local computer store was slow in getting it).
  2. I wrote The Beginner's Guide to Ultima Online around then, which is amusingly still available from its original download link on Stratics. Google it up, download it and have a read if you want to see how much has changed in 22 years.
  3. Took a break for a while then played it for two years more from 2004-2005 until a bit after Mondain's Legacy came out.
  4. Another loooooonng break and then I happened to hear about Endless Journey a few weeks ago
  5. Lo! and behold I could remember my old login.
  6. House on Lake Austin had fallen down of course and lost most of the cool stuff but whatever, I was starting over with new characters anyway.
  7. Actually resubscribed earlier this week.
  8. Playing on Catskills now, because I have a cat. Made it easier to remember which one I picked the first few days of using it.
  9. Traditionally very obtuse about the whole point of online games in that I solo everything and don't look for people to meet.