Valentines 2010


Valentine's Day 2010 refers to in-game gifts (and possibly events/quests) revolving around and coinciding with the Valentine's Day holiday.

The associated content was released with Publish 64 on February 10, 2010 and was announced to be activated on February 14 (Valentine's Day). However, two days later, Publish 64.0.1 was released and the activation date was moved up to February 12.


The chocolates carry messages, so far the following have been seen:

  • "Someone Likes You"
  • "You're Sexy"
  • "You're The Best"
  • "Be Mine"
  • "Always Together"
  • "Sweet Memories"
  • "Hot Stuff"
  • "Thinking Of You"
  • "*hug*"
  • "*wink*"
  • "You're Sweet"
  • "Sweet Dreams"
  • "Kiss Me"
  • "Be My Valentine"
  • "Tasty!"
  • "How About A Date?"
  • "You're Cute"
  • "Let's Be Impulsive"
  • "Yours-4-Ever"
  • "Let's Be Friends"
  • "Someone Loves You"
  • "True Love"

Pray you don't get "Let's Be Friends"...

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