Verity Librarian

Friends of the Library Quest

Find Verity in Britain's Library in front of Castle British. She will send you to Sarakki the Notary just outside entrance to castle. Sarakki the Notary sends you to Petrus the Beekeeper for sealing wax for the document. Find Petrus the Beekeeper by going to compassion ilshenar and travelling N and E to gypsy camp. Go north and east of the camp by following the mountain and Petrus the Beekeeper will be around the bend. He will ask you to collect poison sacs from speckled scorpions to make the sealing wax.

Petrus the beekeeper map.gif

Find Speckled Scorpions by going south past the first gypsy camp and past another until you come to the river and a bridge. Go across 2 bridges and look for speckled scorpions in that desert. Loot them to find the poison sacs. You are likely to have to kill a bunch of the scorpions since not all will spawn a sac on their corpse. Note also that there is a timer on each sac (up to 3600 secs) which can vary sac-to-sac.

Please note: this area is alive with efreets, wyverns, imps, etc. and is not suitable for newer or non-combat skilled characters. It can be done with a Mage using lots of Blade Spirits but the critters can be all over you like 'ugly on ape'. Your best bet is to take a friend along to cover your back or you can collect the poison sacs with a different character that is more battle ready. The sacs can be dropped on the ground or put into a container even though they are a quest item.

Speckled scorpion.gif

Speckled scorpion map.gif

When you have 5, mark them as quest items and return to Petrus the Beekeeper. He will give you the Official Sealing Wax.

Official sealing wax.gif

Return to Sarakki the Notary for the Notarized Application


Return to Verity Librarian for your "Friend Of The Library Token", which allows you to donate to the library collection. This token can't be used by any other character but need not be equipped (or even kept) to donate.

Friend of the library token.gif