Vicious Bite

Vicious Bite is a Special Ability that can be given to some tameable pets who undergo Animal Training. and who already have the poisoning skill.


Causes the creature to inflict a festering wound on approaching targets that does direct damage over time.

Hits a single target its attacking from a short range. It makes a lighting strike sound and a little blue vortex when it hits. An enemy player in PvP will get the message "The Creature gives you a particular vicious bite."

It starts at 5 Direct Damage ignoring resistances and tick every 20 seconds for 5 more damage till it hits 50 hit points of damage totaling for 275 direct damage over 200 seconds. The enemy player will also get the message "Your Wound is festering." every time it ticks damage.

EG: 5 Points Then 10 Points, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 every 20 seconds.

This exceeds the cap of 35 points of direct damage in pvp.

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