Vilo the Guard

Found in the city of Heartwood

Quest Title Details Reward
Assassination contract Deliver to Vilo the Guard, see Quest Starting Items A Bag of Treasure
Industrious as an Ant Lion Slay 12 Ant Lions A Large Bag of Treasure
A Chill in the Air Slay 15 Ice Elementals A Large Bag of Treasure
A Tale of Tail Obtain 1 Abscess' Tail Treasure
Dead Man Walking Slay 5 Zombies, 5 Skeletons A Bag of Trinkets
Specimens Slay 12 Red Solen Workers, Slay 12 Black Solen Workers A Bag of Trinkets
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-killer Slay 8 Dread Spiders Large Treasure
It's a Ghastly Job Slay 12 Ghouls Trinkets
King of Bears Slay 10 Grizzly Bears Trinkets
Unholy Knights Slay 16 Bone Knights or Skeletal Knights Treasure
A Feather in Yer Cap Obtain 1 Saliva's Feather Treasure
Roll the Bones Slay 8 Patchwork Skeletons A Bag of Trinkets