Wall Safe

The Wall Safe is a house add on introduced with Publish 90. Made by a tinker.

This item is crafted as a deed by a tinker and can be placed in a house away from other objects that you own or are co-owned to. Security on the safe is set as with a normal container. The picture below shows that the character Joy Nerry deposited into her secure account balance of 50,000gp. Of this she put 25,000 in a wall safe. Shortly after she withdrew 4,000gp. She now has 29,000 in her secure account. The safe has 21,000gp which can be withdraw by any other player character who has access to the safe. When accessing a safe each character sees their own secure account balance. Withdrawing cash from the safe will put it into the withdrawing character’s secure account. The wall safe holds up to 100,000,000 gold

Each character is also able to put funds into a ‘secure account’ at the bank. Using the option ‘Deposit Gold into Secure Account’ will deduct the amount from the group bank total. Funds from this account can be put into a currency wall safe in a house, either yours or a house you are friended/co-owned to, provided the security setting on the safe grants you access. Any character with the correct access can withdraw the funds from the safe into his/her own secure account. Use this feature to transfer funds to players who are offline or to you own alternate account if you have one. The balance for this is currently shown as the ‘escrow balance’.

Wall safe.jpg