Dual Wield

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The Dual Wield Special Move was added during the Samurai Empire. This special move can be activated by setting a key macro for the appropriate primary or secondary weapon ability or double-clicking the icon in 2D. The icon will highlight red when activated.

  • Mana Cost: 20
  • A successful Dual Wield attack will give the player a chance to execute an extra attack at reduced damage for a short duration. Players can execute additional dual wield specials during the initial effect to provide a very slight buff to the duration and an increased chance to execute extra attacks.
  • Duration of the dual wield effect scales with Ninjitsu skill above 70. Extra attacks are committed at 60% damage of a regular attack and CAN cause additional weapon effects.
  • Executing additional Dual Wield strikes while already under the dual wield effect will extend the duration by 2 seconds and increase the chance by 25%.
  • The effect can be stacked up to 2 additional times.

Primary Weapons

Weapons with a primary ability of Dual Wield require 70 or higher in the appropriate fighting skill, Tactics and 50 or greater Ninjitsu.

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