Ultima Online: Samurai Empire

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Ultima Online: Samurai Empire
Ultima Online: Samurai Empire box art
Release date: November 2, 2004
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Website: www.uo.com/uose
Enter a world of Samurai and Ninja
Discover an empire in the newest expansion pack to the worldwide phenomenon Ultima Online™. Journey to a land of exotic monsters, dramatic landscapes, and fierce but noble warriors. Become a Samurai and learn new skills like Honorable Execution and Lightning Strike, or join the ranks of the Ninja elite and master the deadly arts of Mirror Image and Smoke Bomb. If you choose, you can set down roots in this new land and build a home with new Japanese-themed building options. Expand your legacy in a game world like no other, Ultima Online.

Ultima Online: Samurai Empire, also known as UO:SE, is Ultima Online's sixth expansion.

The expansion introduced several Asian themed elements into UO. Mostly, but not exclusively, these were drawn from Japanese mythology and folklore, and seem to reflect no small amount of research on part of the UO team.

Two new skills were introduced: Bushido, the skill of the Samurai profession, and Ninjitsu, the skill of the Ninja profession. A new map, known as the Tokuno Islands was introduced. Official fiction held that the Tokuno Islands was the same map that was known in the old single-player Ultima games as the "Land of the Feudal Lords."

What follows in this article is mostly drawn from the official promotion materials on UO.com.


  • Become a Samurai Master – Dedicate yourself to the art of Bushido, with powerful new skills and deadly new weapons.
  • Join an Elite Ninja Clan – Submit to the discipline of Ninjitsu, mastering stealth, deception, and the art of assassination.
  • Adventure on a New Continent, The Tokuno Islands – Explore a new Japanese-themed land filled with scenic housing areas, mythical creatures, monsters, dungeons, and more.
  • Lay Claim to Exotic New Treasures – New weapons, armor, clothing, house tiles, magic, and more will reward the adventurous.
  • Powerful New Guild Systems – Create a guild, set up ranks, declare wars on other guilds, and set win conditions. Recruiting guildmates and increasing your power have never been easier.


Players who pre-ordered Ultima Online: Samurai Empire received an in-game Soulstone.


Soulstone allows you to store skills
Become a Ninja warrior and learn the deadly skill of ninjitsu
Zento is the cultural center of the newly discovered Islands of Tokuno
Gifts for attending the Premier event.

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