Tokuno Islands

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The Tokuno Islands

The Tokuno Islands are a facet that consists of 3 named islands and several small, unnamed ones. The 3 main islands are: Isamu, Makoto, and Homare. They are all accessible via their own Moongate.

The facet follows the basic Trammel rules set, meaning that there is no non-consensual PvP combat. Use of the transportation spells Sacred Journey, Recall, and Gate Travel is unrestricted in Tokuno except in the dungeons.

Included as part of the Samurai Empire expansion, the Tokuno Islands have an Asian theme, inspired in-part by various classical Asian mythologies and Asian "pop culture" (especially Japanese fantasy-themed cartoons).

Cities & Towns

There is only one city in this facet, Zento.


Official fiction holds that the Tokuno Islands are currently governed by a hereditary monarch called an Emperor of Empress, and that Tokuno is the same map known in the single-player Ultima games as "The Land of the Feudal Lords."


  • Player housing is allowed, but only to a limited degree. Housing spots on Tokuno are very highly prized and expensive on most shards.
  • The Peerless known as Travesty is found here, in the dungeon known as The Citadel.
  • On three separate occasions, artifacts known as the Treasures of Tokuno spawned here.
  • The Makoto-Jima and Isamu-Jima are in fact the map of main land China broken into two pieces. Taiwan was not included in the map design.
  • Japan has an island named Tokunoshima (Tokuno Island).

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