The Citadel

Located west of Fire Mountain

The Black Order has new leadership, unbeknownst to the majority of the elite guild of thieves and assassins. The Travesty, an ultimate doppleganger, has taken control and is now directing the actions of the membership for its own malign purposes. The base of operations for this incredibly dangerous secret society is a great fortress that is hidden from view through powerful illusionary magic. The entire place is riddled with traps, illusions, hidden areas, and secrets. The entrance to the dungeon is still somewhat of a mystery, but is said to involve a box of some sort that isn't always found in the same place.

Members of the brotherhood (powerful thieves, ninjas, assassins, and mages) and dopplegangers guard the Citadel and their leader.


  • Tokuno Islands - 75° 40' North, 1° 53' East - Use the crate.
  • The start of the quest from Sarakki the Notary is necessary to enter. NOT the same quest that you need to donate to the library, but other quests that she gives. Look for things about Tiger Claw Assassins and so forth. Other NPCs also give similar quests that will also get you into the dungeon.

Points of Interest

  • The dungeon is filled with secret doors.
  • You will need to find many of them in order to get the keys to Travesty. Some advise leaving circle of transparency on (see below!!), I advise just double clicking on walls. And, perhaps easiest and most advised, go with a group and watch others. It's not too hard to remember.

Tips & Tricks

  • When learning the general layout of this area, leave your Circle of Transparency on, as it will show you were the hidden doors are located.
  • Never move too quickly in the Citadel, as ninjas will ambush you. The more you run, the more ninjas will appear.
  • Avoid stepping on carpets and other floor scenery.
  • Many of the spike traps have a "safe route" to get by. Pay close attention and learn from your mistakes.
  • A stealth mage works very well in this lair.
  • Some spike traps can not be avoided. Try to use every strength/HP increasing item at your disposal to "live" through the damage.

Summoning Keys

  • It takes three keys to summon Travesty, which are actual keys and not random objects. There is a yellow, a blue, and a red key Citadel3SmallKeys.jpg
  • The High Executioner, located through the SW hidden door, holds one key (yellow key).
  • The Master Thief, located through the North hidden door, holds the second (blue key).
  • The Grand Mage, located in the bottommost level (that requires walking through a spike trap that almost certainly will kill you) holds the last (red key). The SE hidden door in the garden is the best way to access the Grand Mage.
  • This last key is by far the hardest to get. You have to walk down a long corridor that keeps spawning Ninja and Black Order Mages and Assassins, and then find the correct secret door on the southern wall of the far room. It gets CRAZY.
  • Further, the Grand Mage himself spawns with an incredibly large number of helpers, and it can be hard to loot him even if you DO get him.
  • When you have gathered all three keys you go to the key table and drop the 3 keys on the table to receive 3 fiery master keys called "Black Order Keys" double click a master key to gain access to the Travesty. All characters, who are in party with you and stand relatively close to you, will be invited to enter the Travesty's domain too. Citadel3SmallMasterKeys.jpg

Note: On the Europa shard the spike traps in the Citadel have been fixed and now only do between 10-20 points of damage.

The Travesty

  • Fictionally, she works directly for the dark mage Minax, and correspondence and orders between the 2 can be found on her corpse and littered about the room. Some of these give Quests, some of these are the object of quests. Either way, most of said quests involve the Sarakki the Notary outside of Britain's Library.
  • A mixed party seems to work best. Pets can work alright. Keep spamming "all kill" when it changes form, or else your pets will get confused when she changes form and casts Mirror Image.
  • When she takes your form, look out, she'll be on you in a second or less.
  • When near death, she summons about 10 ninjas and Black Order Mages and Black Order Assassins to help. It is wisest to ignore these and concentrate on killing the Travesty first. If you allow Travesty to heal herself back up to her "ninja summoning point" in her Hit Points she will summon another 10 helpers. And then another, and another. You can end up with quite a lot of ninjas running around if you stop damaging her and let her heal.


Black Order Assassin
Heavy spawn, indeed.

Fun Facts

  • Most of the normal assassins in the Citadel are bearded ladies

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