Orc Dungeon

The Orc Dungeon is located in the Serpent's Spine Mountains. It is a 3-level dungeon complex made up of a series of connected caves. The sextant location of the Caves is 16 N, 21 W.

The residents of the Caves include all of the varieties of the foul race: Orc; Orc Bombers; Orc Brutes; Orc Choppers; Orcish Lords; Orcish Mages; and Orc Scouts. Additionally, there are some low level monsters, namely: Corpsers; Dire Wolves; Earth Elementals; Giant Rats; and Giant Spiders.

Within the Caves are proof positive that the Orcs are an intelligent and industrious race, as mine works, and even railways, are in abundance.

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