Solen Hives

Within the caves are found the Solen race, a race of semi-intelligent, dangerous ants. They are also home to a select few other insectoids as well. Accessed via various holes in Sosaria's soil, adventurers may take advantage of a few quests within.

The upper levels of the caves are mostly populated by Solen Workers, though the lower levels also house Solen Warriors and Solen Queens. Those who venture to the center of the Hive will discover the Solen Matriarch dwelling in a hub of passages leading back to the surface.

While even an unmounted wanderer will have little trouble evading the threats within, some experience in battle is recommended before venturing downwards.


The Hives of the red Solen exist in Trammel, while the black Solen primarily reside in Felucca. They each have four primary entrances:

  • 75-41 North 90-37 East
Directly SW of the Minoc Moongate, this is by far the easiest to locate. The North Eastern entrance.
  • 71-1 North 27-54 East
North of Compassion, between the two mountain ranges.
  • 102-7 South 25-56 East
Near Trinsic. The South Western entrance.
  • 14-57 North 41-58 West
Near the entrance to Sanctuary. The North Western entrance.

Each path houses a nest of the Solen filled with egg sacs. A fifth, secret nest, may be accessed by using Green Thorns on sand tiles.

Points of Interest


A source of specially colored plant Seeds.
Provides Bags of Sending and Powder of Translocation.
Provides large amounts of Powder of Translocation, and the friendship of the Hive.


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