Ambitious Solen Queen

Quest Giver

The Ambitious Solen Queen is a Solen Queen that grants a quest. She can be found by entering the hole to the right of the water vats in the Solen Matriarch's chamber. When you accept the quest from her, she will ask you to slay 5 other Solen Queens. Often times, a Ball of Pet Summoning or Picnic Basket will spawn on a Solen Queen's corpse.

After killing 5 Solen Queens, return to the Ambitious Solen Queen. She will then request that you give her 50 Zoogi Fungus. Upon receipt, a Bag of Sending, some gold, and a small amount of Powder of Translocation will spawn in your backpack.

The Ambitious Solen Queen Quest exists on both Trammel and Felucca facets.


The spawn rate of the Solen Queens found in the hives is affected by the presence of local Solen Workers. In short, such queens spawn faster if her attendant workers are not killed.

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