Gold coins.png In Ultima Online, Gold comes in several forms. The gold coin is the most prevalent and the primary medium of exchange. It is acquired through a whole host of means:

Since Publish 58, 150 gold is 1 stone in weighed, so a full stack of 60,000 coins are 400 stone in weighed. Gold coins initially weighed a fiftieth {1/50} of a stone (so fifty coins stacked together weighed a single stone). Gold has no weight when located in a bank box.

Gold Bricks

Gold also comes in brick form. In this instance, Gold Bricks are a decorative artifact that can be found from doing Treasure Maps, by fighting a Leviathan that is brought to the surface with a Fabled Fishing Net, or as part of the Paragon system in Ilshenar. While not common, Gold Bricks are not extremely valuable and are only good for deco.

Golden Ingots & Ore

The Blacksmithy resource that is sometimes referred to as "gold" is actually called Golden Ore and Golden Ingots.


  • Acquiring gold from killing creatures in great quantities sometimes is called "gold farming."


  • Amounts of up to one million gold coins could be stored in check form, which can save space. This was removed with the launch of Time of Legends Expansion.

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