Treasure Chest

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In UO, the Treasure Chest fulfills many roles. Treasure Chests are:

Paragon Chests

These spawn randomly as loot on the corpses of paragon creatures in Ilshenar. Paragon treasure chests come in a variety of hues. These chests are locked, trapped, and always contain a Treasure Map of one level higher than that monster normally would carry.

Treasure Map Chests

See main article: Treasure Map

The value of some of the contents of such chests increases with the level of the map, (i.e., Hoard treasure maps yield more gems and gold than Cache treasure maps).

Sunken Chests

In terms of those recovered from the sea from Waterstained SOS with the Fishing skill, ancient SOS scrolls yield white treasure chests, which will contain a Fabled Fishing Net, in addition to gold and other swag, including the chest itself which can be kept as a container.

NPC Camp Chests

There are different classes of NPC camp chests and they are always trapped. The first class can be opened with the spell unlock by a mage having a skill of 95.0 or a lockpicker with a skill of 72.6. They contain roughly 140 gold. The second class can be opened with the spell unlock by a mage having a skill of 120.0 or a lockpicker with a skill of 83.9. These chests contain between 290 - 350 gold. Apart from the gold, they may contain lesser potions, 10 arrows, 10 bolts, 1 - 2 gems and a magic item.

As of Publish 65, loot on gypsy camp chests now occasionally spawn with enchanced loot.

Lockpicks can only gain skill to 95 on such chests, after which they must practice on dungeon chests.

Town Chests

Usually these chests are empty or contain items of little or no value, the exception being semi-rares that appear in certain town chests. After opened, you must steal any desired contents. If not done correctly, such stealing can result in getting Guard Wacked.

Location: Despise level 2

Dungeon Chests

As with NPC camp chests, there are two levels of dungeon chests: a first class of barrels, small crates, and kegs; a second class of wooden chests, metal chests, and large crates. Lockpicks must train on dungeon chests in order to gain lockpicking skill above 95. Dungeon spawn chests have a life span of 9 or 10 minutes. When such a chest disappears, it is replaced by a fresh one a minute or so later in the same general area.

Container Chests

Container chests can be crafted by carpenters with a skill of 73.6 and above. They require 20 boards or logs to create. Like any other container, they can be locked down in a house. Such containers hold up to 125 objects.

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