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A Potion (sometimes called pot for short) is a single-use item that is crafted, purchased, or found as loot and that can be consumed or hurled. Potions can be stored in empty bottles or in Potion Kegs. In bottle form, potions stack, weigh 1 stone each, and require a free hand to use. They are sold by the bottle at NPC vendors and by the keg at player vendors. Kegs hold a maximum of 100 potions. Most potions take effect immediately upon use, some have an inherent delay. With the proper resources, Alchemists can create potions. Gardeners use potions to tend to their plants.

Reagents & Effects

Reagent Potions Potion Effects Potion Image
Black Pearl
Black Pearl
Total Refreshment
When consumed, these potions increase Stamina. Potion Refresh.gif
Refresh Potion
Blood Moss
Blood Moss
Greater Agility
When consumed, these potions increase Dexterity. Potion Agility.gif
Agility Potion
Lesser Cure
Greater Cure
When consumed, these potions cure the effects of poison Potion Cure.gif
Cure Potion
Greater Heal
These potions restore Hit Points to the user. Potion Heal.gif
Heal Potion
Mandrake Root
Mandrake Root
Greater Strength
When consumed, these potions increase the user’s Strength. Potion Strength.gif
Strength Potion
Lesser Poison
Greater Poison
Deadly Poison
These potions can be used to poison weapons, food, and drink, depending on the user’s Poisoning skill. Potion Poison.gif
Poison Potion
Spider's Silk
Night Sight This potion casts the Night Sight spell. Unlike casting from a spellbook, the potion is not dependent on the user’s Magery skill. Potion Night Sight.gif
Night Sight Potion
Sulfurous Ash
Sulfurous Ash
Lesser Explosion
Greater Explosion
This potion creates an area-effect explosion spell. The stronger the potion, the greater its damage when thrown. Potion Explosion.gif
Explosion Potion
Grave Dust
Grave Dust
Greater Conflagration
This potion creates a field of flame with damage based on the strength of the potion. Potion Conflagration.gif
Conflagration Potion
Pig Iron
Pig Iron
Confusion Blast
Greater Confusion Blast
This potion confuses all monsters in an area. The size of the area is based on the strength of the potion. Potion Confusion Blast.gif
Confusion Blast Potion


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