Just as William Shakespeare's witches used, "Eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog,"[1] the mages, alchemists, scribes, necromancers and mystics of Sosaria must use certain items to cast spells. Reagents is the game term for items that are usually required to cast certain spells and that are consumed in the process. It is possible to cast spells without them, however -- the Chivalry spell group does not use reagents at all (replacing them with tithe points), and many items have a Lower Reagent Cost property. Equipping enough slots with such items to total 100% will guarantee that the spell can be cast without reagents, while a lesser total percentage will cause the spell to either fair or succeed in proportion (e.g., totaling 95% would cause failures about 1 time in 20 for spells requiring one reagent, 95% × 95% or 90.25% for spells using two reagents and so on).

Reagents can be purchased from mage, herbalist, mystic, and alchemist NPC vendors. They can also be found on the ground in some areas or spawn as loot on specific monsters. It should be noted that the NPC reagent vendors increase their supplies as demand increases. Players wishing to stockpile reagents can mathematically increase the amount of reagents offered by buying from the same NPC vendors. Once an NPC vendor has sold out of a reagent, a timer starts. When that timer is up, the vendor will offer twice the amount of reagents. This process is repeatable.

Magic Reagents

Magic reagents are used for Magery, Inscription, Mysticism and Alchemy.

Black Pearl.png Black Pearl Blood Moss.png Blood Moss Garlic.png Garlic Ginseng.png Ginseng
Mandrake Root.png Mandrake Root Nightshade.png Nightshade Spiders' Silk.png Spiders' Silk Sulfurous Ash.png Sulfurous Ash

Necrotic Reagents

Used for Necromancy and Alchemy.

Grave Dust.png Grave Dust Nox Crystal.png Nox Crystal Daemon Blood.png Daemon Blood
Batwing.png Batwing Pig Iron.png Pig Iron

Mysticism Reagents

Used for Mysticism. Mysticism spells use any of the familiar magery reagents, and additionally some require certain of these Pagan Reagents:

Bones.png Bone Dragons blood.png Dragon's Blood Daemon bone.png Daemon Bone Fertile dirt.png Fertile Dirt

Old Necromancy Reagents

Most of the Old Necromancy Reagents were never implemented into the game for general use. Today, only a few of them can be found. Bones and daemon bones are used in-game, as a tailoring ingredient and for a quest, respectively. This collection of Reagents are commonly referred to as Pagan Reagents after the Ultima game(s) where they first appeared.

Other Reagents

There is one reagent has never been explained, namely Blackrock. Though there are samples of it scattered in display cases, there has never been a professed use for this reagent. It is one of the many enigmas of the Origin / EA Games transfer.

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