The source of blood is also, strangely enough, the source of the will, and remembers the life it once embraced.

Bone is a Tailoring resource that is used in the creation of Bone Armor and also one of the Mysticism reagents. (In Ultima VIII: Pagan, bone is a necromancy reagent.) Bones are most easily obtained from NPC vendors called Mystics in the Royal City in Ter Mur.

Just as hides must be processed into leather, characters must use a pair of scissors on various bone parts to create the resource, bone.

In addition to bone piles, which come in 10 stone and 15 stone versions, the resource bone can be made from the following: a bone, bone shards, rib cage, jaw bone, pelvis bone and spine:

Item Image Weight and Amount of Bone
East South
Bone Bone.png Bone south.png 1
Bone Pile Bone pile.png Bone pile south.png 10
Bone pile 2.png Bone pile 2 south.png 10
Bone pile 3.png Bone pile 3 south.png 15 (East) - 10 (South)
Bone pile 4.png Bone pile 4 south.png 15
Bone Shards Bone shards.png Bone shards south.png 2 (East) - 3 (South)
Jaw Bone Jaw bone.png Jaw bone south.png 1
Pelvis Bone Pelvis bone.png Pelvis bone south.png 1
Rib Cage Rib cage.png Rib cage south.png 5
Spine Spine.png Spine south.png 3

Such items are most easily found on the Shadow Wisps that frequent the Champion Spawns in Ilshenar. Giant Serpents often have bone, in addition to Spined Hides, while Tsuki Wolves offer bones as well as normal leather. Ant Lions also drops bones and an occasional "An Unknown Rogue's Skeleton" container.

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