Royal City

Royal City, Ter Mur

Royal City is the capital of Ter Mur and the home of the Queen's Palace. It can be easily reached using the only moongate in Ter Mur.


  • Queen's Palace: 154°S, 41°W
  • Museum of Wonders: 157°S, 46°W
  • Royal City Public Soulforge: 159°S, 37°W
  • Royal City Moongate: 167°S, 33°W


Banks & Jewelers

  • Royal Bank: 159°36'S 34°1'W
  • Jeweler: 158°43'S 37°45'W

Bakers, Butchers & Farmers

  • Baker: 163°44'S 36°12'W
  • Butcher: 161°48'S 35°43'W
  • Farmers: 160°24'S 37°11'W

Carpenters, Bowfletchers & Artificers

  • Stone Crafter: 158°38'S 35°51'W
  • Tinker: 159°47'S 35°55'W

Provisioners, Taverns & Inns

  • Provisioner: 163°44'S 36°54'W
  • Tavern: 159°36'S 43°1'W
  • Inn: 163°28'S 41°3'W

Healers, Mystics & Magicians

  • Mysterious Magics: 151°52'S 34°56'W
  • Zosilem the Alchemist: 162°51'S 38°31'W
  • Healer: 163°44'S 37°58'W
  • Mage & MysticShop: 163°33'S 38°15'W
  • Scribe: 161°43'S 38°23'W

Tailors & Tanners

  • Tailor: 156°10'S 36°21'W
  • Tanner: 155°7'S 36°16'W

Blacksmiths & Armorers

  • Blacksmith: 158°38'S 35°51'W


  • Ter Mur Stables: 157°35'S 33°11'W