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Necromancy is the skill relating to the study and casting of dark magic. With a Necromancer Spellbook, you can curse your foes, animate the dead, transform into wicked creatures, and more.

To use the skill, you simply have to cast any of the spells available to you in the spellbook. The more proficient you become at the skill, the more successful and powerful your spells will become.

Necromancy also benefits from a Mastery: Enchanted Summoning, Command Undead and Conduit.


Wearing a good suit will greatly improve training. The most important property will be 100% Lower Reagent Cost forgo using reagents. Other desirable properties include: 40% Lower Mana Cost, 2 Faster Casting, 6 Faster Cast Recovery, and as much Mana Regeneration as possible.


* = Requires Spirit Speak † = Effectiveness relies on Spirit Speak

Icon Name Mana Cost Minimum Skill Description
Curse weapon.jpg Curse Weapon
An Sanct Gra Char
7 Mana 0 Skill Briefly enchant your weapon to gain the power of life drain.
Blood oath.jpg Blood Oath
In Jux Mani Xen
13 Mana 20 Skill †Creates a pact between the target and caster. Any damage dealt to the caster by the target is reflected back.
Corpse skin.jpg Corpse Skin
In Aglo Corp Ylem
11 Mana 20 Skill †Target becomes vulnerable to fire and poison damage.
Evil omen.jpg Evil Omen
Pas Tym An Sanct
11 Mana 20 Skill The next time the target is hit with magic the results will be enhanced.
Pain spike.jpg Pain Spike
In Sar
5 Mana 20 Skill †Target temporarily loses health.
Wraith form.jpg Wraith Form
Rel Xen Um
17 Mana 20 Skill †Transforms the caster into a Wraith. The caster gains mana leech and other abilities.
Mind rot.jpg Mind Rot
Wis An Ben
17 Mana 30 Skill †The target of this spell is forced to expend more on mana when using mana.
Summon familiar.jpg Summon Familiar
Kal Xen Bal
17 Mana 30 Skill *†The caster can bring forth a pet. Each has their own special abilities.
Animate dead.jpg Animate Dead
Uus Corp
23 Mana 40 Skill Brings dead creatures back to life which attack nearby monsters.
Horrific beast.jpg Horrific Beast
Rel Xen Vas Bal
11 Mana 40 Skill The caster transforms into a great beast with enhanced Hit Point Regeneration and physical attacks.
Poison strike.jpg Poison Strike
In Vas Nox
17 Mana 50 Skill Target and adjacent enemies take poison damage.
Wither.jpg Wither
Kal Vas An Flam
23 Mana 60 Skill Creates a ground frost around the caster which deals cold damage to all valid targets.
Strangle.jpg Strangle
In Bal Nox
29 Mana 65 Skill †Target is cursed and takes poison damage every few seconds until the effect wears off.
Lich form.jpg Lich Form
Rel Xen Corp Ort
23 Mana 70 Skill The caster transforms into a Lich with increased Mana Regeneration and other abilities. This form is useful for regaining mana while training magic skills.
Exorcism icon.gif Exorcism
Ort Corp Grav
40 Mana 80 Skill *Ghosts in Champion Spawn regions without a corpse are sent to the Chaos Shrine.
Vengeful spirit.jpg Vengeful Spirit
Kal Xen Bal Beh
41 Mana 80 Skill *†Summons a Revenant to attack a choosen target.
Vampiric embrace.jpg Vampiric Embrace
Rel Xen An Sanct
23 Mana 99 Skill The caster transforms into a vampire, becoming immune to lower level poisons and is granted other abilities.

Necromancy Scrolls

Necromancy scrolls cannot be purchased from NPCs. They are either crafted by a scribe or looted from monsters and Treasure Chests. Certain scrolls drop on specific monsters. Here are some examples:

An alternative method to acquiring a full Necromancer's Spellbook is to complete the Necromancy quest in New Haven (reach 50 in Necromancy skill).

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