Summon Familiar

Words of Power - Kal Xen Bal
Mana Cost 17 Summon familiar.jpg
Minimum Skill 30.0
Casting Delay 1.75s
Reagents Batwing, Daemon Blood, Grave Dust
Duration Summon lasts until released or killed
Area of Effect One new Follower
Description Summons your choice of a Shadow Wisp, Dark Wolf, Death Adder, Vampire Bat or Horde Minion to your side. Each has its own unique abilities and grants a special power to the caster. The familiar cannot be given orders and only one can be maintained at a time.

Horde Minion Requires 30 Necromancy and 30 Spirit Speak. Abilities: A pack animal that actively picks up things on the ground. Also assists caster in battle.

Shadow Wisp Requires 50 Necromancy and 50 Spirit Speak. Abilities: Negative energy flare; periodically heals the mana of those friendly to the caster (and the caster) if they have negative karma. The more negative the karma, the more mana received.

Dark Wolf Requires 60 Necromancy and 60 Spirit Speak. Abilities: +1 stamina every 2 seconds. Wolf mastery; allows caster to tame any wolf as if it were a 0 difficulty tameable.

Death Adder Requires 80 Necromancy and 80 Spirit Speak. Abilities: Snake charming. The caster can command any snake to attack a target to which the caster can do negative acts. The caster does not get credit for the kill. Commanded snakes may continue to attack caster.

Vampire Bat Requires 100 Necromancy and 100 Spirit Speak. Abilities: All melee damage it does will heal the caster for an equal amount.

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