Words of Power

Certain Words of Power have long been used in various Ultima games to represent the spells they conjure. Each is also linked to an english letter and a Runic Symbol, though in Ultima Online they are primarily used for spellcasting and are rarely seen elsewhere.

The symbols used to represent Ultima's runes are taken from the ancient Norse alphabet, which also gave them separate magical meanings (though this author is uncertain as to how closely the two versions match).


Symbol Letter Word Meaning
Rune A.png A An Negate
Rune B.png B Bet Small
Rune C.png C Corp Death
Rune D.png D Des Down
Rune E.png E Ex Freedom
Rune F.png F Flam Flame
Rune G.png G Grav Energy
Rune H.png H Hur Wind
Rune I.png I In Cause
Symbol Letter Word Meaning
Rune J.png J Jux Harm
Rune K.png K Kal Summon
Rune L.png L Lor Light
Rune M.png M Mani Life
Rune N.png N Nox Poison
Rune O.png O Ort Magic
Rune P.png P Por Movement
Rune Q.png Q Quas Illusion
Rune R.png R Rel Change
Symbol Letter Word Meaning
Rune S.png S Sanct Protection
Rune T.png T Tym Time
Rune U.png U Uus Raise
Rune V.png V Vas Great
Rune X.png X Xen Creature
Rune W.png W Wis Knowledge
Rune Y.png Y Ylem Matter
Rune Z.png Z Zu Sleep

Examples Of Use

The traditional words of power are usually seen in Magery and Necromancy, though there is one other special spell that makes use of them: Armageddon.

Rune V.pngRune K.pngRune A.pngRune M.pngRune I.pngRune C.pngRune H.pngRune T.png
Vas Kal An Mani In Corp Hur Tym
Great Summon Negate Life Cause Death Wind Time

Also, on the back of the The Second Age handbook this phrase is written in runic symbols:

The Incan monkey god peered through the leaves of the great book and saw the dawning of a new age - An age whose like has seldom been beheld by man.

Bet & Bal

The term "Bet", though frequently appearing in other Ultima games, is not actually used in Ultima Online. It is seemingly replaced by "Bal", which is used by some Necromancy spells. This new word is not defined and no runic symbol is known to go with it, but it could be interpreted as "Evil" or "Demon".

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