Rune Stones are one of Ultima Online's most useful items: When used as the target of the Mark spell, the caster's current location is stored within. Anyone with access to the rune may then travel there instantly using the Recall, Gate Travel, or Sacred Journey spells. They may be purchased from NPC Mage Vendors.

Runes weigh one stone each and cannot be stacked. However, once marked they may be placed within a Runebook. The books also weigh a single stone but do not gain weight no matter how many runes are placed within, and can furthermore be used to store Recall scrolls for those characters without magical capabilities of their own.

Once marked, a rune will change color according to the Facet it now leads to (though they can be personalised using a Runebook Dye Tub). In addition, it will be named according to the area within that facet. You may rename runes by double clicking on them.

Rune Stone.png An unmarked rune.

Rune Trammel.png A rune marked in Trammel.

Rune Felucca.png A rune marked in Felucca.

Rune Malas.png A rune marked in Malas.

Rune Tokuno Islands.png A rune marked in the Tokuno Islands.

Rune Ter Mur.png A rune marked in Ter Mur.

Note that you cannot Mark runes in Ilshenar. For this reason it is also impossible to cast Gate Travel there (as this creates a Moongate that could be used for two way travel).

It is also impossible to Mark/Recall while in one of the Feluccan dungeons. While it is possible to Recall around the Feluccan Lost Lands, you may only do so if you are already in that region, and may not use Recall to leave. You may not Recall to a tile occupied by another character.

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