The Armageddon spell has appeared in numerous Ultima titles, though the means of casting and Words of Power have changed over time. Much as the name implies, a successful cast spells doom to all who live in the world (though in some titles certain characters - such as The Avatar and Lord British - live on).

In Ultima Online, legendary Mages or Necromancers may attempt the spell by holding a small piece of blackrock in their packs and saying the following words:

Vas Kal An Mani In Corp Hur Tym

05/29/2017: Saying this ^ does nothing.

To date the spell hasn't been cast "correctly" and usually results in the (rather explosive) demise of those who try.

When revived, the caster will find his (or her) self to be Blackrock Infected. You will hear voices (appearing as system messages) and creatures near you may become infected as well (giving them traits similar to Paragons). There is no known method to recovery, so think carefully before attempting to bring about the Armageddon.

Prior to Publish 52, the spell could be used to deal massive amounts of damage to Shadowlords (which appear in the Ethereal Void). There, any character could cast the spell without need for skill, fear of death, or danger of becoming blackrock infected. A Shadowlord caught in the resulting blast would take damage equal to half it's remaining Hit Points total.