When your character's hit points fall below 0, your character will die.

You will then appear as a ghost - All your unblessed and uninsured items will remain on your corpse and you will be unable to interact with the physical world. You may, however, walk though closed doors, use Moongates, and certain other teleportation pads.

In this form you will be invisible to other players unless in combat mode (which, as a ghost, is entered by attempting to speak). Other players will not be able to understand the meaning of your incorporeal moaning unless you (or they) have some experience as a medium. You can get around this limitation by using party and/or guild chat to communicate.

A skilled Necromancer, under certain circumstances, may be able to evict ghosts from the area by using the Exorcism spell.

You will remain in this form until you find a way to be resurrected.

Recovery of Items

You may want to recover some of the items from your corpse. There is a time limit of 7 minutes claimed on Stratics whereby your corpse items will decay beyond recovery. If you return to your corpse in time it will state your name on the corpse and have the likeness of your clothing, otherwise it will appear as bones and the bones will be purged at some future time.

Pets & Death

Should one of your bonded pets die, it will also become a ghost. It will accept non-combat based commands until you are able to have it resurrected. You may not Stable a dead pet.

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