Blood Oath

Words of Power - In Jux Mani Xen
Mana Cost 13 Blood oath.jpg
Minimum Skill 20.0
Casting Delay 1.25s
Reagents Daemon Blood
Duration ((caster's Spirit Speak - target's Resisting Spells) / 80) + 8 seconds
Area of Effect One target
Description Temporarily creates a dark pact between the caster and the target. Any damage dealt by the target to the caster is increased, but the target receives the same amount of damage.


  • This Necromancy spell is thrown by both players and monsters. From the attacker's point of view, the damage you do is increased, but every time you damage the caster of the spell, you take the same damage as well. Although Blood Oath never misses while in effect, Publish 48 of November 27, 2007, increased the effectiveness of Resisting Spells against it.
  • Resisting Spells now reduces a percentage of Blood Oath damage by the following formula:
    ((Resisting Spells Skill x 10) / 20) + 10 = percentage of damage resisted.

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