Horrific Beast

Horrific beasatkr.jpg
Words of Power - Rel Xen Vas Bal
Mana Cost 11 Horrific beast.jpg
Minimum Skill 40.0
Casting Delay 1.75s
Reagents Batwing, Daemon Blood
Duration Permanent until casted again or death
Area of Effect The caster
Description Allows you to transform into a terrifying form that grants great physical strength, at the cost of your mind. No duration. Casting this spell again or casting another transformation spell dispels it. While under the effect of this spell, the caster receives:
  • +20 Hit Point Regeneration
  • +25% melee damage increase
  • increased base hand damage of 5-15 (instead of 1-6)
  • Besides transformation spells, no other spells can be cast!

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