Resisting Spells

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While the name, Resisting Spells, suggests that it helps with resisting all spells, this is not the case. This skill helps you lessen the severity of spells that lower your stats or ones that last for a specific duration of time. It does not prevent direct-damage spells, like Energy Bolt or Flamestrike.

Bonus to Resist at Higher Levels

At higher levels, the Resisting Spells skill also benefits you by adding a bonus to your minimum elemental resists. This bonus is only applied after all other resist modifications from what you're wearing have been calculated. It's also not cumulative. It compares the number of your minimum resists to the calculated value of your modifications and uses the higher of the two values.

For instance, if you are a Grandmaster, your minimum resists will never go below 40 (see table below). So if you happen to be wearing armor that adds 20 to each resist, the two values will not be added together; instead, it will use the highest value, which happens to be the number that your Grandmaster status gives you: 40.

If someone who doesn't have any points in Resisting Spells wears that same armor, the value of their resists will be at 20, since they will not get the resistance bonus from having the skill. The calculation of the bonus to resist is done with the following formula:

Skill at Resisting Spells Minimum Resist Formula
40.0 and below 0 -
44.5 5


55 10
70 20
85 30
100 40
110 42


120 44


Resisting Spells is supposedly the 'complementary' skill to Chivalry - although there seems to be few places the 2 skills have any special synergy, they fit a theme of 'resisting evil', and are paired on Mark of Travesty.

Resistable Spells

Magery Spells:

Necromancer Spells:

Spellweaving Spells:

Mysticism Spells:


Publish 48 of November 27, 2007, increased the effectiveness of Resisting Spells against the Necromancy spell Blood Oath. Resisting Spells now reduces a percentage of Blood Oath damage by the following formula:

(Resisting Spells Skill / 2) + 10 = percentage of damage resisted


  • 0 - 50: New Haven. In the 12 Mage's Guild shop, seek out the NPC, Alefian, to receive a quest that requires you to raise Resisting Spells to 50 through battle. At some point in the quest accelerated skill gain will activate which will result in the normal 0.1% skill increase increment to range from 0.2-0.5% lasting until the quest conditions have been satisfied. The title of the quest is Defying the Arcane and the reward is the blessed Bracelet of Resilience.
  • 30 - 120: Hew Haven. Unarmed, target several Spectral Spellbinders. The more that are casting on you, the faster you can gain. Once, a damaged house to the South Southeast of the remaining Haven buildings allowed a player remain out of melee range while still subject to the Magery and Necromancy spells thrown by the Spectral Spellbinders, but no longer. However, if you venture North from, Old Haven into Weylins house, you can teleport into the corner of his bedroom, and be able to remain out of melee range, while the Spectral Spellbinder is casting spells on you.
    Malas. "Hook" a Crystal Elemental on the front steps of a house. This will allow you to stay out of melee range while still subject to the Magery spells thrown by the Crystal Elementals. It should be noted that while Crystal Elementals cast the Teleport spell, creatures are no longer allowed to actually teleport and therefor will stay stuck on a house's front steps.
    At Sea. Sea Serpents cast Magery spells and are slow enough to allow a sailor to gain Resisting Spells at a nice rate.
    Magery. While training Magery you can also train Resisting Spells using these cast on yourself: First Circle Weaken, Fourth Circle Mana Drain, Fifth Circle Paralyze, Seventh Circle Mana Vampire

Method 2

In Felucca, ask a friend who is flaggable to you to assist you. You can either ask a Murderer if you're not one yourself or simply join VvV and ask someone else in VvV to assist you, preferably someone who's either Gargoyle or Elven Race so they don't have Jack of all Trades. Ask your friend to don Magery and Soulstone Evaluate Intelligence to 0 skill. Your friend can then cast Paralyze Field and you just walk in and out of the field. (you can also train your Pets at the same time if you wish). This should take you from 0 to 120 skill very rapidly.

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