Purge Magic

Pure Magic - An Ort Sanct
Pure magic.jpg Mana Cost Minimum Skill Delay (seconds)
6 8 0.75
Reagents Fertile Dirt, Garlic, Mandrake Root, Sulfurous Ash
Duration 1 - 8 seconds (see description)
Area of Effect Single Target
Description Attempts to remove a beneficial ward from the Target, chosen randomly. The chance to successfully Purge Magic is determined by a comparison between the Caster's Mysticism and either Focus or Imbuing (whichever is greater) skills, the Target's Resisting Spells skill and the level of the beneficial ward. If the target has no beneficial wards which meet the casters skill requirements to remove, the target is afflicted with a curse that increases their mana cost until they inflict damage on something. When the mana cost effect is dispelled, it will cause the target to take damage proportional to the duration of time the effect had been in place. The maximum duration of the effect is 8 seconds.

Changes as of Publish 65

  • Players can be purged based off the immunity timer which is calculated off the skills Mysticism and Focus vs the targets Resisting Spells skill. (This value range is from 1 to 6 seconds)
  • If the target re-applies a purged buff or buff that contains a purged buff the target can be immediately purged of that buff (example: Bless after a Strength purge)
  • Players must have Mysticism and Focus/Imbuing close to the level of the spell they are attempting to purge.

New Effect

  • If there are no valid beneficial wards that can be purged, the target will have their mana requirements to increase based on the skill of the caster for a duration of 8 seconds. Upon ending the disruption, magic energy will rush into the target causing an explosion of chaos energy
  • The target can remove the disruption to their mana flow by doing damage to any other player or creature before the effect dispels itself. Additionally the damage taken by the target scales with how long the disruption has been in effect
  • The target will be immune to purge effects for an additional 16 seconds if they are affected by the mana disruption.

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