Cleansing Winds

Cleansing Winds - In Vas Mani Hur
Cleansing winds.jpg Mana Cost Minimum Skill Delay (seconds)
20 58 1.75
Reagents Dragon's Blood, Garlic, Ginseng, Mandrake Root
Duration Single Use
Area of Effect A small area around the target
Description Soothing winds cure poison, lift curses, and heal all characters in a party within a small area of effect. The Caster's Mysticism and either Focus or Imbuing (whichever is greater) skills determine the effectiveness of the Cleansing Winds.

Changes as of Publish 65, Publish 69 and Publish 71

  • Cleansing Winds will affect players in a small area around the target as well.
  • Players or creatures may be the direct target of the Cleansing Winds spell, however, players in the area must be in the casters party in order to receive the beneficial effects of the spell.
  • Pets can be directly targeted, but will not receive the spell benefits as part of the area effect.
  • WARNING: This spell will flag the caster as a criminal if a criminal or murderer party member is close enough to the target to receive the benefits from the area of effect. (be very careful of who you party with, especially in town)
  • This effect can hit up to 3 additional players beyond the primary target.
  • The effectiveness of the spell is reduced by the number of targets affected.
  • The total healing chance are based on the skill of the caster.
  • If a target is cured, the healing they received will be reduced by
    • (3 points + 1%) per curse level.
    • 15% per poison level.
  • Cleansing Winds will not heal the target after removing mortal wound.
  • If the cure fails, the target will not be healed.

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