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Mysticism is a body of magic first used by the Gargoyle Race. It was added with the Stygian Abyss expansion and may be learned by all races, not just gargoyles. Similar to Spellweaving and Necromancy, Mysticism has its own unique set of magic spells cast from a Spellbook.

Battle Focus and Imbuing augment the power of certain Mysticism spells. Evaluate Intelligence once augmented as well, but was swapped for Focus with Publish 64 in February 2010.


Humans and Gargoyles worked together from a common source of magic, and the Gargoyles went on to refine their arcane arts to deal with the cataclysms destroying their world. Gargoyles have mastered the art of magic called Mysticism.

Similar to Magery, Mysticism consists of 16 spells and eight ranks that signify their power and the magic ability required to cast them. These eight concentric ranks correspond to vortices within the ether, all spinning one within another as they expand through the universe. The more powerful a spell you wish to cast, the deeper into the inner circles of ether you must penetrate. The deeper you go, the more mana (magical energy) each spell requires you to expend. Spells of the Eighth Rank require great measures of both skill and mana, while spells of the First Rank are much easier and require less energy.

Mysticism as Magery requires the Spell Channeling property to handle weapons or shields for all of its spells with the exception of the spell Enchant (which adds by spell casting Spell Channeling to the weapon).

Those skilled in Mysticism are known as Mystics.


It is best to train wearing a 100% Lower Reagent Cost suit. Other desirable properties include high Lower Mana Cost, Mana Regeneration, 2 Faster Casting and 6 Faster Cast Recovery.


Icon Name Mana Cost Minimum Skill Description
Healing stone.jpg Healing Stone
Kal In Mani
4 Mana 0 Skill Conjures a healing stone, usable only by the Mystic.
Nether bolt.jpg Nether Bolt
In Corp Ylem
4 Mana 0 Skill Conjures a bolt of nether energy to assault a target with chaos damage.
Enchant.jpg Enchant
In Ort Ylem
6 Mana 8 Skill Temporarily imbues a held weapon with a hit spell effect. If Mysticism and Focus or Imbuing (whichever is greater) are over 80 the weapon is temporarily granted Spell Channeling.
Pure magic.jpg Purge Magic
An Ort Sanct
6 Mana 8 Skill Removes one random beneficial ward from a target.
Eagle strike.jpg Eagle Strike
Kal Por Xen
9 Mana 20 Skill Conjures a magical eagle-like creature as a projectile that assaults a target with its talons.
Sleep.jpg Sleep
In Zu
8 Mana 20 Skill Puts a target into a temporary sleep state until harmed or enough time passes. While asleep, the target will be unable to attack or cast spells, and moves at a slower speed.
Animated weapon.jpg Animated Weapon
In Jux Por Ylem
11 Mana 33 Skill An Animated Weapon is conjured and attacks nearby foes.
Stone form.jpg Stone Form
In Rel Ylem
11 Mana 33 Skill Infuses the caster with the essence of solid stone, making him slow to move and fight and cast spells, but gives him resistances to damage and a slight bonus to physical damage attacks.
Mass sleep.jpg Mass Sleep
Vas Zu
14 Mana 45 Skill Same as Sleep except works on multiple targets in a small area of effect.
Spell trigger.jpg Spell Trigger
In Vas Ort Ex
14 Mana 45 Skill Stores one Mysticism spell in a spell stone. The stone can be activated to instantly cast the stored spell.
Bombard.jpg Bombard
Corp Por Ylem
20 Mana 58 Skill Conjures a magical boulder projectile to hurled at a target. This spell also has a chance to knock-back and stun a player victim for 2 seconds.
Cleansing winds.jpg Cleansing Winds
In Vas Mani Hur
20 Mana 58 Skill Soothing winds cure poison, lift curses, and heal a target.
Hail storm.jpg Hail Storm
Kal Des Ylem
50 Mana 70 Skill A torrent of rain brings down a storm of hailstones damaging the caster's enemies in the surrounding area.
Spell plague.jpg Spell Plague
Vas Rel Jux Ort
40 Mana 70 Skill Inflicts one or more victims with a terrible curse. Each time a victim hits with a harmful attack there is a chance that they will take an explosion backlash of fire damage.
Nether cyclone.jpg Nether Cyclone
Grav Hur
50 Mana 83 Skill Summons a gale of lethal winds that strikes all Targets within a radius around the Target's Location, dealing chaos damage. In addition to inflicting damage, each Target of the Nether Cyclone temporarily loses a percentage of mana and stamina. The effectiveness of the Nether Cyclone is determined by a comparison between the Caster's Focus or Imbuing (whichever is greater) and Mysticism skills and the Resisting Spells skill of the Target.
Rising colossus.jpg Rising Colossus
Kal Vas Xen Corp Ylem
50 Mana 83 Skill Summons a colossal stone titan that selects a Target to attack based off its intelligence and proximity. The Rising Colossus disappears after a set amount of time. The Rising Colossus' stats, skills, and duration are determined by the Caster's Focus or Imbuing (whichever is greater) , and Mysticism skills. Requires 5 pet control slots.

Casting Success Chance

Circle Spells 25%* 50% 75% 100%
1 Healing Stone & Nether Bolt 0 12.5 25 37.5
2 Enchant & Purge Magic 8 20.5 33 45.5
3 Eagle Strike & Sleep 20 32.5 45 57.5
4 Animated Weapon & Stone Form 33 45.5 58 70.5
5 Mass Sleep & Spell Trigger 45 57.5 70 82.5
6 Bombard & Cleansing Winds 58 70.5 83 95.5
7 Hail Storm & Spell Plague 70 82.5 95 107.5**
8 Nether Cyclone & Rising Colossus 83 95.5 108** 120.5***
  • * At minimum skill level, there is a 25% chance to successfully cast a spell.
  • ** Power Scroll required to achieved skill greater than 100
  • *** 100% success is not possible for 8th Rank Mysticism Spells, 99% at 120


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