Lower Reagent Cost

Lower Reagent Cost (LRC) was added during the Ultima Online: Age of Shadows expansion. It provides a percentage rate for any spell cast by the wearer to not to consume reagents.

Commonly referred to as LRC in game, you can achieve a total of 100% and successfully cast magery and necromancer spells without any reagents. While the tithing cost for Chivalry spells is also affected by LRC, a Paladin will need at least the minimum amount of tithing points required to cast the spell.

The LRC value on any given item is usually within the range of 1-25%. Both Players and Vendor Malls alike sell pre-configured suits that are already at 100% LRC. Different varieties of 100% LRC suits include: Mage Armor; Night Sight; and other bonuses like mana or hit point regeneration. It should be noted that many players are surprised by how few reagents are used with suits that have LRC in the high 90 percentiles as well.

Number of Reagents
Required to Cast the Spell
Chance to Cast the Spell without Using any Reagents
LRC 90% LRC 80% LRC 70% LRC 60% LRC 50% LRC 40% LRC 30%
1 Reagent 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30%
2 Reagents 81% 64% 49% 36% 25% 16% 9%
3 Reagents 73% 51% 34% 21% 13% 6% 3%
4 Reagents 66% 40% 24% 13% 6% 3% 1%


Items with more Lower Reagent Cost than the normal cap:

Items with Lower Reagent Cost that normally wouldn't have it:


The following resources are required to imbue the highest intensity of Lower Reagent Cost (20%):

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