Random Magic Item Generation System

The Random Magic Item Generation System was introduced with Publish 73 and first applied to the dungeon Shame which is followed by the dungeon Wrong with Publish 74. With this system, some of the item properties introduced with the Stygian Abyss expansion started to appear on types of items they have not been seen on before.

The new system can generate named items with item properties designed to fit a theme and work together. However, many of these powerful items come with some specific disadvantages (negative properties) to compensate for their advantages. Note that Luck plays a significant role in the generation process.


Item generated by this system have an additional line denoting its power:

Magic Item Artifact
Minor Magic Item Lesser Magic Item Greater Magic Item Major Magic Item Lesser Artifact Greater Artifact Major Artifact Legendary Artifact

roughly equals to an item imbued to the max

The strength of the generated item depends on the toughness of the slayed creature and the total luck of the character. Thus, stronger creatures frequently drop very powerful items while weak creatures rarely drop them.

Weak Items Stronger Items
  • Weak items tend to not be named and to have random item properties
  • Weak named items tend to have fewer than 5 properties to leave some space for imbuing.
  • Weak random items generally have 5 item properties at low values.
  • Weak items have a small chance of being generated with disadvantages
  • Stronger items have a better chance of being generated as named items.
  • Stronger items tend to have 5 item properties.
  • Extremely powerful items will sometimes have more than 5 item properties.
  • Stronger items have a much greater chance of being generated with disadvantages.

Most of the item properties generated by this system have more coarse granularity of values (eg. Luck appears in increments of 10 and Skill Bonuses appear in increments of 5).


Disadvantages appear on items randomly but items that are free of disadvantages can also be generated by the system. Since disadvantages grant the item significantly more power, powerful items tend to receive more disadvantages and they are very rarely free of disadvantages (clean). Note that Luck has no influence on the frequency of item disadvantage generation.


Unlucky items have -100 Luck. Unlucky property provides a small boost to the overall item power.


Brittle items cannot be fortified and so can never have their durability increased. They have 75 maximum durability. Brittle property provides a moderate boost to the overall item power.

Cannot Be Repaired

Items with this property cannot be repaired or fortified. Cannot Be Repaired property provides a high boost to the overall item power.


Cursed items cannot be insured or blessed. Cursed property provides an extreme boost to the overall item power.

Item Generation

Each creature is assigned a difficulty rating and more difficult creatures generate more items. When the creature is killed, this difficulty rating and the player's Luck factor into loot generation.

Each item receives a Base and a Bonus item property budget. The Bonus item property budget may be added multiple times based on the player's Luck.

Once the item budget is determined, disadvantage rolls are made for the item based on the value of the budget. Each disadvantage roll has a chance of adding a new disadvantage while each disadvantage adds a fixed bonus to the item's budget.

Once the final Budget is determined, it is spent to add item properties to the item. The higher the final budget, the more item properties the item will have and the greater the chance of generating named items.

Named Items

There are 12 packages of Item Properties. Each Package contains a group of properties fitting a purpose or a theme and each package is associated with a name prefix and a name suffix. Items can be generated as:

  • Unnamed (random properties)
  • Prefix only (some properties from one package, some random)
  • Suffix only (some properties from one package, some random)
  • Prefix and Suffix (some properties from one package, some from a different package)

The Name Prefixes and Suffixes

Theme Prefix Suffix Properties
Strength and Hit Points Mighty of Vitality
Intelligence and Mana Mystic of Sorcery
Dexterity and Stamina Animated of Haste
Casting Arcane of Wizardry
Item Quality Exquisite of Quality
Leeches and Drains Vampiric of the Vampire
Regeneration Invigorating of Restoration
Resistance Fortified of Defense
Luck Auspicious of Fortune
Potions Charmed of Alchemy
Dealing Damage Vicious of Slaughter
Mitigating Damage Taken Towering of Aegis

Example Items

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