Hit Lower Attack

Hit Lower Attack (HLA) is an item property found on weapons. A successful hit with such a weapon will lower the hit chance increase (HCI) rating of the target by 25 points for 8 seconds. All attackers enjoy the benefit from a successful HLA hit. In other words, the effect is global and not specific to the attacker who scored the HLA hit. The intensity for the property runs from 2% to 50 %. There is no cap on HLA. Multiple or simultaneous hits with HLA do not lower the target's attack any lower than 25. However, the 8 second duration timer will reset with each successful hit.

For those who play with sound effects enabled, there is a unique noise associated with a successful HLA hit.

By way of example, the formula for hit chance percentage is:

( ( [Attacker's Combat Skill + 20] * [100% + Attacker's Hit Chance Increase]) / ([Defender's Combat Skill + 20] * [100% + Defender's Defense Chance Increase] * 2 ) ) * 100

HLA is applied directly against the HCI portion of the equation above. It can even make that value negative. However, an opponent with a cumulative Hit Chance Increase of 70% or more will nullify any HLA hit. In such a circumstance, the HLA hit will only reduce your opponent's HCI to the maximum (which is all that the game was counting anyway).


The following resources are required to imbue the highest intensity of Hit Lower Attack (50%):

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