NOTE: A newbified item is not described as such in game!

Newbified items were the first items spawned into a new character's backpack. The items received were based on the skills selected upon the character's creation in addition to a pile of 1000 gold pieces.

Death Robes are also newbified.

These items would all be 'Blessed' in the sense that they could not be lost upon death and they could not be stolen by a thief. Many players made a good profit by creating new characters as often as they could and selling their newbified items (such as newbified reagents, arrows and bandages)

Some items lost their status as newbified such as all weapons, except the dagger which is still newbified and can be a very handy tool for resource gatherers, as is a newbified pair of scissors, or Lockpicks for a skilled lockpicker working chests which won't damage his tools.

There are a few ways to find out if an item is newbified. Of course there is the obvious way of getting yourself killed while having the item, checking if it is still on your person upon ressurection. A less violent way might be to have someone use 'Item ID' on the item - a skilled merchant would be able to tell that this item was worth zero gold, which would indicate it is newbified.

Another way would be to attempt to lock down the item in a house. A newbified item cannot (In most cases) be locked down, and you would receive a message saying 'This item cannot be locked down'.

Newbified items disappear much faster then others if left laying on the ground.

Note: New characters no longer receive newbified items upon character creation - Some of these items have become rare and you can expect to have to pay 50,000 gold for many.

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