Enhance Potions

Enhance Potions is an item property commonly found on jewelry. When a potion is used, its effectiveness will increase by the percentage of your cumulative Enhance Potions properties. Healing potions heal more points of damage, curing potions have a better chance to cure poison, etc. There is a cumulative equipment cap of 50%. If your character has the Alchemy skill, an additional 1% bonus per 3.3 skill is granted, up to +30% at 99.0 Alchemy.

Since Publish 73, having the Alchemy skill also provides a minimum total Enhance Potions value equal to the skill divided by 2. The total Enhance Potions value for a character then becomes:

Effective EP = (Equipment EP (capped at 50) + Alchemy / 3.3) -or- Alchemy / 2 if it is higher.

Rings and Bracelets can have between 5% and 35% Enhance Potions, in increments of 5.


Here is a list of artifacts and other items which may break the individual item cap.


The following resources are required to imbue the highest intensity of Enhance Potions (25%):

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