Elves Only

An Item Property applied to some forms of Armor and Clothing. Items in these categories can only be worn by Elves (or Humans wearing Morph Earrings). It can neither be artificially added nor removed when crafting with Runic Tools.

There are three basic types of Elven armor - Leaf, Hide and Woodland. Furthermore, Circlets, Royal Circlets and Gemmed Circlets have it, as do Raven Helms, Vulture Helms and Winged Helms.

Oddly enough, Elven Glasses are not Elves Only.

Some artifacts from the Mondain's Legacy Minors set which would normally be wearable by either race have the Elves Only property tacked onto them. Some of these items can appear without this property, this seems to be more likely if a Peerless boss drops them. These are:

Note that the Aegis of Grace (which sometimes drops in Circlet form) never has this property.

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