Hit Stamina Leech

Hit Stamina Leech is a weapon property that was introduced with Ultima Online: Age of Shadows. It gives an attacker the ability to leech Stamina from his opponent on a successfully delivered hit.

Hit Stamina Leech intensities on weapons

The maximum possible stamina leech percentage you can get on a weapon is capped at 50% for normal weapons. Some artifacts or items found in events may give higher percentages. Unlike the other "leech" properties, this property still works as originally designed, with the intensity being the percentage chance that the property will activate on a successful hit.

Amount of Stamina leeched

If the ability activates, based on its intensity, the user of the weapon will "leech" stamina equal to the damage done by the attack, to be placed in the stamina pool of the weapon user, up to that character's maximum stamina. Note that despite being called a "leech" property, the opponent does not actually lose the stamina, but instead the damage amount is used for determining the amount "leeched".


The following resources are required to imbue the highest intensity of Hit Stamina Leech (50%):

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