Skill Bonuses

Skill Bonuses are mainly found on Jewelry, but also certain Artifacts. While wearing equipment with a skill bonus, such as 'Taming +15', the wearer's taming skill is increased by the amount stated, e.g. from 95 to 110. Note, that in order for skill bonuses to raise skill over 100 in this way, the wearer must also have the increased skill capacity acquired by use of Power Scrolls.

Skill Bonuses from Jewelry

Skill bonuses on normal, looted jewelry range from 1-15 in intensity, and only exist for certain skills, and in a limited variety of combinations. A piece of jewelry will have at most 5 skills with at most one skill per each of the five following groups. For example, a ring with Animal Lore, Taming, and Magery is possible. But a ring with Provocation, Tactics, and Taming is impossible. Skill bonuses on Imbued items are also subject to the limitation of 1 skill per group. In fact, this can be used to replace skills from one group with a different skill from the same group e.g. replacing Peacemaking with Healing.

Skill Group 1

Fencing, Mace Fighting, Swordsmanship, Musicianship, Magery

Skill Group 2

Wrestling, Taming, Spirit Speak, Tactics, Provocation

Skill Group 3

Focus, Parrying, Stealth, Meditation, Animal Lore, Discordance

Skill Group 4

Mysticism, Bushido, Necromancy, Veterinary, Stealing, Anatomy, Evaluating Intelligence

Skill Group 5

Peacemaking, Throwing, Ninjitsu, Chivalry, Archery, Resisting Spells, Healing


The following resources are required to imbue the highest intensity of Skill Bonus (+15):

Note that you cant put multiple skills from the same skill group on the same item.

Skill Bonuses from Artifacts

Skill bonuses from artifacts function identically to skill bonuses from jewelry, but without any particular max on intensity depends on the artifact. For examples see:

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