Mark of the Travesty

Mark of the travesty.png
Mark of the Travesty
Weight: 2 Stones
+10 Random Skill
+10 Random Combat Skill
Self Repair 3
Mana Increase 8
Hit Point Regeneration 3
Physical Resist 8%
Fire Resist 5%
Cold Resist 11%
Poison Resist 20%
Energy Resist 15%
Strength Requirement 10
Durability: 20 / 20

The Mark of the Travesty is an artifact obtainable only from the Peerless monster Travesty in the dungeon known as The Citadel, in the Tokuno Islands facet.

The Mark is a tribal mask with mediocre resists, but a +10 in 2 related skills (for example, Bushido and Parry or Magery and Evaluating Intelligence). It is highly prized for these skill bonuses.

Durability appears random, but the minimum seems to be 20/20. Durability as high as 82 has been seen, but that may be a result of Powder of Fortification.

Can be blessed.

The skills always come in complementary combinations), see below. ('Random combat skill' is a current limitation of the template.)

Known Skill Combinations

Anatomy & Healing
Animal Lore & Animal Taming
Archery & Tactics
Bushido & Parrying
Chivalry & Resisting Spells
Discordance & Musicianship
Evaluating Intelligence & Magery
Fencing & Tactics
Mace Fighting & Tactics
Necromancy & Spirit Speak
Ninjitsu & Stealth
Peacemaking & Musicianship
Provocation & Musicianship
Swordsmanship & Tactics
Stealth & Stealing