Evaluating Intelligence

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Evaluating Intelligence can be used to determine the amount of Mana an opponent has left. It also affects various Magery spells, altering spell damage (similar to how Tactics increases damage dealt in standard combat) or the effectiveness/duration of a spell. It also has a role in defense when coupled with Anatomy.


Evaluating Intelligence has three uses: showing information about a target, spell damage calculation and a defensive mechanism.

Reading Mana Level

When using the skill and targeting a creature or player, it will give you the percentage of remaining mana the target has. Furthermore, an estimate of their overall intelligence is given.

Spell Damage

Evaluating Intelligence is mostly used for its ability to increase the damage and effectiveness of Magery spells. When you cast a spell, the potential damage is calculated based on several factors, such as the spell, its circle, your ability, etc. (call this base damage). The damage then gets scaled based on the mage’s Evaluate Intelligence. Evaluate Intelligence has a factor of between 1 (0 Eval Int) and 4.6 (120 Eval Int). See the discussion at Spell Damage Increase. There are 3 formulas: direct damage spells, positive buff (bless, strength, etc.) spells and negative 'buff' (weaken, feeble mind, curse, etc.) spells. (Summons, Resurrection, Mind Blast and Poison are not affected by Evaluate Intelligence.)

  • Direct Damage Formula: total damage = ( base damage * ( 3 * Evaluating Intelligence / 100 + 1 )
  • Positive 'buff' Spell Formula: Final Positive Stat = Base Stat * ( 1 + ( 1 + Evaluating Intelligence / 10 ) / 100 )
  • Negative 'buff' Spell Formula: Final Negative Stat = Base Stat * ( 1 - ( 8 + ( ( Caster's Evaluate Intelligence - Target's Resist Spells ) / 10 ) ) / 100 )

Example of the damage factor done for direct damage spells at various Evaluate Intelligence values:

  • Eval int = 0, damage done is the base (factor of 1)
  • Eval int = 33.4, damage done is approximately doubled (factor of 2.002)
  • Eval int = 66.7, damage done is approximately tripled (factor of 3.001)
  • Eval int = 100, damage done is quadrupled (factor of 4)
  • Eval int = 120, damage done is a little over 4 1/2 (factor of 4.6)

Example of a positive 'buff' spell: Suppose the caster has 100 Eval Int. The target has 110 strength. Cast 'Strength'.

  • Final Positive Stat = 110 * ( 1 + ( 1 + ( 100 / 10 ) ) / 100 ) )
  • Final Positive Stat = 110 * 1.11 = 122 resulting temporary strength (any decimal is dropped)

Example of a negative 'buff' spell: Suppose the caster has 100 Eval Int. The target has 50 Resisting Spells. Cast 'Weaken'. Target has 100 Strength.

  • Final Negative Stat = 100 * ( 1 - ( 8 + ( ( 100 - 50 ) / 10 ) ) / 100 )
  • Total negative buff = 100 * ( .87 ) = 87 resulting temporary strength

Defensive Ability

When combined with Anatomy, these two skills can be used to replace Wrestling or other melee skills for defense. Anatomy and Evaluate Intelligence need to add up to 220 to have the equivalent of 120 melee defensive ability. The result of the following formula is capped at 120, so having 120 in both skills does not give a greater benefit.

  • Formula: ( Evaluating Intelligence + Anatomy + 20 ) / 2



Activate the skill by macro or skill button and target a creature or player. If you don't get a gain, find a new target. If you do get a gain you can use that target and all proceeding ones again to try and gain.


Each cast of a Magery spell has a chance to gain. Training magery skill to the desired level while having Evaluate Intelligence raise passively is the preferred method. Once Magery is done training, repeatedly casting Reactive Armor is the most effective means. Wear a suit with 40% Lower Mana Cost and as much Mana Regeneration as you can. Such passive gains of Evaluate Intelligence can occur even when casting a magery spell fails (fizzles) and with magery spells which are not influenced by Evaluate Intelligence (for example Mind Blast). If the goal is to raise Resisting Spells while completing Evaluate Intelligence, then casting Weaken, Clumsy or Feeblemind on yourself are good choices, these will raise both skills. You may wish to set and lock your magery at 0 while training eval.

Be sure to take advantage of the Satyr Trick.


Changes made with February 2010 to Mysticism made either Imbuing or Focus the secondary skills to Mysticism. Prior to that change, Evaluate Intelligence had a similar effect on Mysticism as it does on Magery.

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